MMNMI 2014 Champions
                                Congratulations to Everyone! Thanks for a Great Year!

            2014 Champion Patrick Hurtado                                    2nd Eric Smith

        3rd Place & Rookie of the Year            4th Place Robert Turner
                        Tyler Grier

5th Spencer Hill 4s
6th Tyler Congleton 11k
7th Mike Barnes 72
8th Jacob Johnston 17J
9th Alex Robinson 14
10th Callie Justus 16
11th Randy Turner 27
12th Thomas McHugh 69x
13th David Gay 2
14th Ike Thompson 74
15th Don Kruse 29
16th Douglas Stokes 88
17th Bradley Huish 5
18th Briana Francini 5f
19th Kaylee Dons 24k
20th Joshua Huish 5j 
21st Crystal Garrison 19x


See Everyone in 2015!


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