Independent Mortgage Brokers, and Why They’re Superfly

There are advantages and disadvantages of using a mortgage broker. Most of the mortgage brokers operating in New Zealand are working for themselves or for small companies, and while they may be highly qualified and experienced and registered, they will also have to spend a large part of their day seeking out new clients. While there is a massive amount of business for mortgage brokers in New Zealand, a large percentage of this business comes online through Google searches,  and unfortunately most of this business goes to a select few large companies that have spent the big money to get themselves ranked number 1 or number 2 on a Google search.

The vast bulk of the remainder of the mortgage broking sector will need to have good networks with the banks, real estate agents, survey and companies, builders, accountants, lawyers and a host of other professionals that can put them in touch with potential clients. These superfly independent brokers also need to make certain that they have a very good referral scheme for existing clients, and that they are always chasing up existing and older clients for repeat business. As much as they may enjoy the cut and thrust of the actual mortgage broking activity, they will have to spend a lot of time and effort on this very essential marketing so what they have new business coming up through the door.

These mortgage brokers in Lower Hutt are unfortunately just simply not able to either find the expertise or  from the work to get their own website built professionally and rent professionally so that a decent amount of web traffic is delivered to their website. The business of SEO it’s highly technical and very expensive men done by a competent professional, and the work is not complete until the website is also designed and built in a way that absolutely maximises the number of customers who complete the form and actually apply to become clients. There is a cost and Talent barrier that’s simply shuts out all bar the wealthy few mortgage broking companies.

However presents an opportunity for disruption by a specialist SEO company that knows exactly how to rank a website to number one and also knows how to build a website to maximise completion. This a specialist SEO company is also able to package the leads that come out of their website and deliver them in real time to the mobiles of mortgage brokers, then they will have a extremely interesting business model. The brokers will willingly pay good money for a pre qualified lead that is almost guaranteed to end up in new business, and if a specialist SEO company can really focusing and tap into the 9000 or more Google searches per month for mortgage brokers in Wellington then the business model can be very successful indeed.